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Parkinson’s Disease: Principles for Health Care Reform

With President Obama’s dramatic address to Congress now behind us – and the public reaction, both supportive and critical, rolling in from all quarters – it is now clear that health care reform will be the main domestic policy issue throughout the fall (and perhaps beyond). At my own organization, where our focus is the one million or so people who live with Parkinson’s and their families, we have received numerous expressions of concern and confusion from website visitors and constituents (and readers of our last blog post) about the meaning of various legislative proposals for health care reform, and… read more Read More

What Does Health Care Reform Mean for People Who Live With Parkinson’s?

Careful observers of the Great American Debate About Health Care Reform — now taking place over proposed legislation H.R. 3200, or America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 — will have noticed an interesting change over the past week or so in the way the Obama Administration has chosen to frame the problem. I first noticed it during a network newscast two weeks ago featuring David Axelrod, the President’s Senior Advisor. Mr. Axelrod had dropped the phrase “health care reform,” and replaced it with “health insurance reform.” Why is this change in phrasing so significant? It is because the new… read more Read More