From Jay & Marilyn: It Takes a Team & We Need You!

111616_puw_ppac_phillips_marilyn_jayMy wife, Marilyn, and I are constantly reminded of the critical role that health professionals play in helping us live our lives to the fullest with Parkinson’s disease.

That’s why we work with PDF. Through innovative clinical and online trainings, PDF partners with health leaders to transform PD care.

But we need your support to train even more health leaders.

That’s why we’re asking you to support the PDF team. When you do, donors from the PDF Leadership Circle will match every donation up to $500,000!

Like you, Marilyn and I have learned that a good care team can make all the difference. But all too often, health professionals are left without sufficient resources or training.

That’s where PDF comes in. PDF has a track record of preparing experts to treat people with Parkinson’s on the front lines. Its annual investment of $600,000 includes:

  • Fellowship training for nearly 160 movement disorder specialists — the only type of doctor specializing in Parkinson’s — who reach 12,000 patients a year.
  • Clinical training for 190 nursing faculty who reach 18,000 students a year.
  • Online training for more than 20,000 health professionals, including nurses and occupational and physical therapists, to learn the latest in best practice care.

After training with PDF, health leaders are making life better for people with Parkinson’s!

They are creating centers for multidisciplinary care. They are developing innovative curriculums to improve the ways in which health professionals treat Parkinson’s. And they are bringing quality care to underserved communities within the US.

Will you invest in the PDF health team? Your investment supports the training of more health leaders who can bring the latest innovations in care to people with Parkinson’s.

Please join us and support PDF today. Together, with you on our team, we will improve care and quality of life, while we work to #EndParkinsons.

Jay Phillips and Marilyn Phillips, P.T.
Members, People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council
PDF Research Advocates
Summerville, SC

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