I Voted: Stories from the Community Choice Research Awards

email-banner-ccra2-16-stories-100116“I used to be a ‘do-er.’ Now I’m a ‘half do-er.’”

These are the words Kris Gjerde, a PDF Advocate from St. Paul, MN, used to explain why she voted for apathy in the Third PDF Community Choice Research Awards survey.  She wants solutions so she can keep doing the things she loves.

Since the survey launched earlier this month, she and more than 500 people with Parkinson’s and care partners have voted for their research priorities, ranging from sleep issues and anxiety, to gait difficulties and dyskinesia.

Why is Kris’ feedback — and yours — so important?

The PDF Community Choice Research Awards are the first grant awards in the Parkinson’s community to set research priorities based on the insights of those living with the disease.  Through past Community Choice Research Awards surveys, you have helped us to identify several unmet needs in the community, such as fatigue and dystonia.  In turn, we have funded $600,000 in research to understand and solve those aspects of Parkinson’s.

What we fund next is up to you.

Interested in Kris’ story? Watch her video here. Below, browse photos from other voters who shared their priorities. Remember, voting is open until Tuesday, November 1 here.

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