Supporting Science with Science-Inspired Jewelry

ball-emily-allice“My collections are inspired by beauty and science, neuroscience to be exact,” says Emily Alice Ball.

A jewelry designer from the UK, Emily Alice’s collections are uniquely named and categorized … according to science. For instance, there’s the oxytocin and the serotonin collection, and then there’s adrenalin. And most importantly during April … there’s dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter in the brain that helps with movement and coordination. It is also the one that is lost in Parkinson’s disease.

Three years ago, Emily Alice, whose friend and customer lives with Parkinson’s disease, came to PDF with a creative idea for Parkinson’s Awareness Month. During the month of April, she would donate a portion of proceeds from the dopamine jewelry collection to PDF.

emilyaliceweb2The first year, she surprised herself by raising over $500. So she continued and now she’s in her third year. This April in honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Emily Alice is again donating 20 percent of the sales of the dopamine collection to PDF research programs. Not only that, because of this April’s PDF-Light of Day Foundation Matching Gift Challenge, all of her donations will be doubled!

Science-inspired jewelry is supporting Parkinson’s science.

For many people, fundraising sounds intimidating. Yet, our own PDF Champions show us time and time again that fundraising can mean taking an existing passion (including your business or hobby) and using it in a positive way to benefit Parkinson’s research. And certainly Emily has found a way to do this.

Have you used your passion to support the cause? Share your thoughts below. And if you’d like to get involved, see more ideas here and contact our team here so we can support your efforts as a PDF Champion.

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