From Diane: WPC Final Thoughts

Diane Cook

Diane Cook

As I leave Montreal’s WPC 2013, I think back on how I felt leaving Glasgow’s WPC 2010, and the difference is striking.

In Glasgow, I was an attendee two years into my Parkinson’s diagnosis, eagerly absorbing as much as I could by attending every session. By Montreal, I was several years into serving as a PDF Research Advocate, as part of the organization’s Parkinson’s Advocates in Research (PAIR) program.

This time around, PDF Research Advocates were visible in every aspect of the program from presenting abstracts and posters to running workshops, serving on panels, hosting roundtable discussions, presenting at sessions and delivering creativity performances. We were no longer attendees, we were full participants in helping to deliver WPC content to others. It is a testament to the PAIR program that Research Advocates are looked to to provide content and insight into so many different aspects of Parkinson’s disease and the research process.

I personally look forward to taking some ideas from WPC and developing them further. I also look forward to tackling some Parkinson’s education challenges and coming up with potential solutions. I am anxious to keep the connection strong with new friends and colleagues. I am hopeful to be ready for WPC 2016 in Portland with successful new endeavors and results to report.

Thank you, PDF, for giving us this incredible opportunity to be part of the solution.


Diane Cook is from Denver, CO. She is a PDF Research Advocate and a member of PDF’s People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council.

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