From Peggy: Why I’m at WPC 2013

peggySome might say, “No way!” but I am attending this week’s 3rd World Parkinson Congress in Montreal, Canada.

Many will ask, “Why?” And I say because giving a donation for research is not enough, because being an advocate is not enough, because sharing my story is not enough, because participating in a clinical trial is not enough, because even attending the World PD Congress is not enough, but it shows you that I am serious about finding a cure NOW!

The WPC is the beginning of a fresh new approach to finding the cure for Parkinson’s. What is this new approach? Recognizing that in order to find a cure, the patient – aka the person with PD – is the single-most essential and important stakeholder and missing ingredient in this quest for a cure.

If you do not know what this means, it is simple: LISTEN TO THE PATIENT.

  • The patient is the expert, with more experience than anyone.
  • The patient is open to innovation, because they know all about living with PD day to day
  • The patient wants to find a cure more than anyone!

Peggy Willocks of Johnson City, TN, is a member of PDF’s People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council. To learn more about patient engagement, read an article by PDF’s Ronnie Todaro here, or browse information about PDF’s Parkinson’s Advocates in Research program here.

One thought on “From Peggy: Why I’m at WPC 2013

  1. Patricia M Parkhill

    I am very interested in hearing stories and helping What symptoms patients had leading up to being diagnosed with Parkinson. ( specifically what the tremors felt like, experiencing various types? Freezing , etc) How many months/years it took before they got a diagnosed. Patients’ timeline of progression now & prior to Parkinson’s.


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