The Doctor Is "In"… Your Living Room

Yesterday kicked off an exciting and intensive two-day gathering of researchers, health care providers, administrators, patient organizations, people with Parkinson’s and care partners on Long Island, NY. We gathered for the 2013 Merinoff Symposium, “Leveraging Telemedicine to Deliver the Highest Quality of Care to All Parkinson’s Patients,” hosted by the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at North Shore–LIJ Health System and co-hosted by PDF, other national Parkinson’s organizations and telemedicine organizations.

Merinoff Symposium on Thursday, April 11

We are charged with exploring how telemedicine can enhance care for those living with PD, and creating a call to action for the future.

What is telemedicine? Also referred to as “virtual” office visits, it means being able to see your doctor or other health care professionals remotely, using your computer. You both would be able to see and talk to each other using video.

The common perception is that telemedicine is a futuristic tool used only when people live in remote rural areas, miles away from a movement disorder specialist, neurologist or primary care physician. What was made crystal clear by the end of day yesterday is that telemedicine, or what may be more accurately described as technology-enhanced care, has broader potential to transform care and services for all people PD, regardless of where they live. This transformation will result in providing people living with PD the care and services need, when they need it.

This point was driven home by the symposium’s panel of people with Parkinson’s and care partners. This panel was organized by PDF, moderated by our Executive Director, Robin Elliott and included PDF Research Advocates Jay and Marilyn Phillips. The panel was spot-on in identifying the range of issues that can be addressed by telemedicine – lack of access to core services and resources, challenges to managing the multiple medical visits across specialty areas, limitations of three-month or six-month physician visit intervals in providing an accurate picture of the challenges of living with the disease and the inability to participate in a clinical study that is too far away.

The panel was also essential in helping symposium attendees gain a deeper understanding of how partnering with patients can accelerate the adoption of telemedicine and reap the benefits at a faster rate than what would occur without this partnership. Panelist Steve DeMello discussed the need for patients to be engaged in “creating the science” and urged the audience to move away from a model where providers, “watch me do things and then tell me things.”

This theme of patient engagement is near and dear to the heart of those of us here at PDF, where we have been advocating and pioneering ways for people with PD and care partners to work in partnership with the research community to bring about treatments at a faster pace. Our Parkinson’s Advocates in Research program has trained 200 Research Advocates around the country through our Learning Institutes. These Advocates, along with many others with PD, are ready to join forces with health care providers, researchers, patient organizations, administrators and policy makers to create a new way of doing business when it come to living with PD in the present and determining the future.

It is time to embrace and act on the invitation of panelist Jay Phillips when he said, “we are here and we are ready to work with you!” It is time that we recognize the value and necessity of this outstretched hand and how essential the offer of this partnership is to the success, not only of telemedicine, but to health care and research as a whole.

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  1. Robin Katsaros

    I’m so glad PDF has taken a lead role in this initiative. I was speaking just yesterday to a group of PD patients in San Francisco and I talked about this. They were all very excited. I believe this is the future for all the reasons stated. Access – easy access – is the key. Thank you PDF for organizing this!


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