What’s On Your Wishlist? Seeking Your Feedback for our Educational Programs

What is the one topic you wish PDF’s educational programs would cover about Parkinson’s disease?

… medications?

… nutrition?

…. exercise?

We hope you tell us by taking our very short (promise – it’s just four questions) survey.

You may already know that PDF regularly hosts online seminars, or PD ExpertBriefings, along with a host of other educational programs.  Available live (both online and by phone) and recorded (both online and as DVDs), they are some of our most popular programs.

But we want to make sure we’re covering the topics that are relevant to your life with Parkinson’s.  So we’re asking you to rank several topics and then tell us about any others we left out.  Please, if you have just a few minutes today, make your voice heard.

You tell us what you need our programs to cover. –> We’ll do our best to deliver.

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(PS: To get a sense of past and future topics, browse our past online seminars and sign up for those upcoming online seminars.)

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