Tuesday’s Tip: PDF Champions

Fundraising on the Job

A major portion of our days are spent at our places of employment. So when it comes to raising funds for Parkinson’s, why not start your PDF Champions fundraising there? Here are a few ideas …

  • Double your money! Many employers offer matching funds programs. Check with your human resources department to see if your company offers matching gifts and then remind those who donate to you, to do the same.
  • Give your blazer a rest! One of the more popular concepts in today’s busy business world is the casual dress day. Simply contact your human resources department and request their assistance in setting up a day when employees can “dress down” at the office for a small contribution (ranging from $1-$10) towards your PDF Champions fundraising goal! If your office is already casual you can set up an incentive program. For employees who donate, their names will be entered into a drawing to receive a half day off or a special prize.

Remember: The Cure Begins With YOU!

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