WPC: Final Thoughts

As the 2nd World Parkinson Congress comes to a close, PDF is humbled and honored to include the following closing thoughts from guest blogger and CRLI/WPC reporter, Diane G. Cook.

World Parkinson Congress: A “Tremor Safe” Zone

“Here at the World Parkinson Congress, we’re in a Tremor Safe Zone.” Those words were spoken by Davis Phinney to describe how it feels to be among thousands of others where it’s okay to have PD. No one notices the drag of foot, the slowness of step, the shakiness of hand, the softness of voice. Everyone does it! No self consciousness here!

But there’s something much more significant happening in Glasgow…it’s tangible. You can feel it in the smiles in the corridors, the instant friendships forged over a question posed of a speaker, the hug from a stranger, the expression of interest in a poster, the spontaneous gathering of people after lectures. There is a commonness of purpose and an honoring of each role in the fabric of how we will help ameliorate symptoms while working for a cure. Physicians, scientists, researchers, executives, nurses, therapists, people with Parkinson’s, caregivers and the many others working to fight the devastating effects of this disease on many levels are in one conference hall … learning, exchanging views, questioning, and pushing the agenda forward.

One leaves each session in awe of the great minds at work, clear that there is a role for each one of us, stimulated by the learning, comforted by the cross fertilization of ideas, encouraged by the new partnerships and collaboration being forged, inspired by those overcoming limitations, and thankful that you somehow ended up in this special Parkinson’s disease community.

It doesn’t get any better than this! I, for one, am signed on for 2013 in Montreal and will offer my help in any way I can to make the 3rd WPC a significant step forward for the Parkinson’s community.

As I approach my last day, my focus turns to my next challenge: ”How will I translate the power of the Congress and the urgency of Now into my life back home.”


4 thoughts on “WPC: Final Thoughts

  1. Diane Cook

    Thanks for your comment, Bob. I’m still energized and am finding it surprisingly simple to map out a plan forward. The only limitation is 24 hours in a day! Really good meeting you at WPC2010!

  2. Lisa


    Nice read. I look forward to the 2013 montreal visit, I will try to attend. I’ve been involved in a few organizations for a while now and I’m really glad to see what you have all done with the PDF for Parkinsons.


  3. Anonymous

    I could not agree more, Diane. We were all either people with Parkinson’s or carers or health professionals and if you walked a bit funny so you walked a bit funny and so what! I love the way the researchers, in particular, give of their time and do not seem phased by anything they are asked. I also love the enablement that I feel runs through the whole conference – to me Eli with her can-do attitude epitomises the values of the congress.

    SOme people found the talks a bit technical, and my response to that is do a little reading before the next congress.


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