WPC Opening Ceremonies III

Rhona Johnson, one of PDF’s WPC reporters and member of our People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council, would like to follow-up on previous posts discussing last night’s WPC Opening Ceremonies. Rhona and others communicated that they were particularly moved at the ceremonies by the words of Bryn Williams, founder of WobblyWilliams.com.

Here’s Rhona’s report:

“At the Opening Ceremonies last night, Bryn Williams, Founder of WobbyWilliams.com spoke eloquently of how PD impacts people living with the disease, their families, friends and carers. He issued an urgent challenge to them all the work for a cure, saying,

‘Neurologists cannot do it alone. We cannot do it alone. People with Parkinson’s are part of the solution.’

He urged us to work tirelessly and energetically to advocate and educate to find a cure.”

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