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WPC Renewal Room

The 2nd World Parkinson Congress is unique because it brings together people with PD, care partners, doctors, researchers and health care professionals. In so many ways, this collaboration makes for a unique meeting. One of our favorite aspects is the Renewal Room, defined by the WPC as a “space where everyone is welcome to drop in to rejuvenate during the day with sessions on dancing, tai chi, rhythm, clay manipulation and even laughter therapy!”

WPC Roving Reporters: Day One Science

The 2nd World Parkinson Congress includes three days of sessions discussing the latest news in Parkinson’s science and care. PDF’s reporters have been listening in during this first day and a half. We have asked them to let us know what they have seen and heard….and to share the most important messages they are hearing as people living with Parkinson’s. Here are two reports from Wednesday, September 29: Steve DeWitteSession Attended: Early Diagnosis and PD “This session included four presentations. In the second, Andrew Siderowf, M.D., presented results from trials studying olfaction, or sense of smell. He and other colleagues… read more Read More

WPC Roving Reporters: Day One Insights

Each day during our coverage of the 2nd World Parkinson Congress (WPC)…we ask our WPC reporters, “What’s the most interesting thing you heard today?” Here are some answers from Wednesday, September 29: From Kate Kelsall: “The most interesting thing that I heard/saw today was a presentation by David Iverson entitled: Genetics and Me: Patient Perspective. Background of David Iverson: David Iverson has been a producer, writer and correspondent for public broadcasting for 30 years. Most recently, he was the writer, correspondent and co-producer/director of the February 2009 PBS Frontline documentary My Father, My Brother and Me, which explored his family’s… read more Read More

Parkinson’s Quilt Debuts at WPC!

It was a year in the making…but last night marked the debut of the Parkinson’s Quilt! The quilt, a project of PDF, includes 2×2 foot panels from more than 600 people from around the world. After the WPC Opening Ceremonies yesterday, the Royal Burgh of Renfrew Pipe Band led thousands of attendees into the exhibit hall… …and for the first time the world saw the Parkinson’s Quilt. We have all been touched by the personal stories told by the quilt panels. As PDF’s Executive Director noted, “Each quilt panel has a story to tell, whether it was created by a… read more Read More

WPC Posters: CRLI Grads Present

Today kicked off the not only the 2nd World Parkinson Congress (WPC) program – e.g., presentations about the latest Parkinson’s research and care – but also the scientific and lay poster sessions. Most scientific meetings include posters by scientists, which summarize their most recent experiments. The WPC is unique because, alongside the scientific display, it features “Living with PD” posters. These posters display efforts undertaken by people with Parkinson’s disease, care partners and voluntary organizations around the world to further the cause. PDF is proud to report that two of its Clinical Research Learning Institute graduates (who also serve as… read more Read More