Watch for Next Tuesday’s Interview with Dr. Eidelberg

From James Beck, Ph.D., Director of Research Programs

Do you have questions about brain imaging and its potential for diagnosing and measuring Parkinson’s? Submit your questions now to PDF and we’ll bring them directly to the experts. Next week, I’ll be interviewing David Eidelberg, M.D., during the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Neurology (AAN) in Toronto, Canada, a major event that brings together neurologists from all over world.

During the AAN meeting, Dr. Eidelberg will become the tenth recipient of the PDF-endowed Movement Disorders Research Award. He is being recognized for his work in brain imaging and Parkinson’s. His team’s recently published report in The Lancet Neurology described an automated process to classify the images from a type of brain scan called a fluoro-deoxy-glucose (FDG) positron emission tomography. This method could help separate Parkinson’s disease from other related diseases, or parkinsonisms, possibly leading to an ultimate diagnosis years earlier than before.

Submit a question by Monday, April 11 and I’ll bring it with me (Dr. Eidelberg isn’t available for general PD questions, but you can submit those questions to our Parkinson’s Information Service at

The full interview will be posted on this blog by 5 PM ET, Thursday April 15.

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